How many mobile apps and how often americans use, monthly, 2011-2014

Double the Time — Same Number of Apps

Infographic: Double the Time - Same Number of Apps | Statista

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These days, smartphone users have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. But how many apps do they actually use? According to a recent Nielsen report, the answer is: a little more than two dozens.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, iPhone and Android smartphone users in the U.S. used an average of 26.7 apps per month, spending more than 37 hours with them. Interestingly, the amount of time people spend with apps continues to grow, whereas the number of apps they use stopped growing two years ago.

It seems like, despite the ever-growing number of choices available, there’s a limit to how many apps people actually use. Or, to put it differently: there’s an app for every need, but there’s no need for every app.